Yesterday was Patriots Day and also the day of the internationally-known Boston Marathon. As a Boston resident, I may complain about the traffic and tourists who visit on that day but I do get into the excitement. Everything changed yesterday after the deadly bombing at the marathon finish line at the famous Copley Square.

I was suppose to be there yesterday, right across the street from the bombing location as one of the spectators. As I am relieved of my change of plans, I am deeply saddened by the event. Innocent lives were lost including an eight year old boy, some people were injured and my city is hurt.

As the tragedy unfolded before everyone’s eyes, the most beautiful thing happened too. People came together to help those who were hurt or lost. Bostonians are known as cold, mean and unapproachable, yet yesterday, we showed how those descriptions are far from the truth. Bostonians offered assistance also by opening their homes to visitors who were unable to return to their hotels. Those acts of kindness shows the spirit of Boston.

We will move forward from this tragedy, it will take time but we will get there. Together.