Self-care means different things to people. Lately for me it has meant letting go of emotional holds to things, situations and people that do not reciprocate my time and effort. No, I did not cut them off but simply stopped extending myself by giving so much access to me or being immediately available to others. I decided to give more time to me and my own joy.

I recently started running at the push of a coworker to run a 5 mile race in September. If you don’t count running after my daughter when she was a toddler, I have not run since high school where I was on the indoor track team. Wooo, that was eons ago! I signed up in July and still training with two weeks to go before the race. Training has been great and challenging with some good and awful days. With each run, I become more focused and learn so much especially about myself. One of my biggest challenges with training for this race is my mind is still on my old track team training which is go fast. I ran short distance so that’s my original programming which does not work with this 5 mile training which requires a different pace… and patience. Lots and lots of patience.

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As I take more time training, doing more yoga and meditating, rebuilding myself sort of just happened eventually. It also has encourage me to be more social and share experiences with others I normally would shy away from before. The thing about self-care and rebuilding yourself, others notice before you do – some for better and worse. As for the latter, you have to let that go too because that is not your burden. Find your joy and revel in it, that is your responsibility to yourself.

So share with me, what do you do to bring yourself joy?