A day after yesterday’s deadly bombing in Boston, my city has changed. As we do our best to move forward from the tragedy, Boston is different today especially under heavy surveillance everywhere by local police and other law enforcement officials.

It did not occur to me until earlier today how much the bombing really affected me. In my professional life, I regularly visit local, state and federal government offices regularly for meetings or contract delivery and very accustomed to their strict level of security protocols. Never until today has threat to our security been more real until today. Police and K-9 units are always around the area where my office is located but today set a different tone with the addition of police armed with heavy rifles.

The Big Apple Circus is in town as it is regularly scheduled visit to Boston around this time of the year. It is always hosted in front of the Boston City Hall Plaza located in the downtown area. I almost broke down and cried at the site of heavily armed law enforcement officials posted around City Hall. I instantly thought of the children who are on spring break this week and may be headed to the circus. It hurt to think just how drastically our city changed after one day.

As a mom, I now worry about my daughter. We live in the city and frequent many places in Boston including Copley Square. Her life here has changed now too. Yesterday after learning about the bombing, she was worried about a friend of mine, an avid runner, who she thought ran the marathon. She was reassured that our friend is safe and was not at the marathon and also discussed some of the details of the bombing. The difficult task of explaining the horrific event and the awful acts of others is something I do not wish for anyone.

Are you a parent dealing or have dealt with explaining to your children a bombing attack? If so, please share your experience. I would love to hear from you.