I do not recall how old I was exactly when my love affair with perfumes and fragrances, first started, but I was young enough not to be allowed to touch my aunt’s beloved collection which spanned from the original Chanel No. 5, Dior Poison to Cabotine de Gres and Cacharel Anais. To this day, my nose can pick out from its flankers the original Dior Poison so richly concentrated it lasted hours on skin, days on clothing and decades before reformulation. Thick, juicy, dizzying syrup that cast a spell at first sniff and takes you on a long ride of seduction that only the bold dared wear in the daytime. Yes, this is how I fell in love with fragrances and remain deeply entranced today.

Very dramatic, a sickening flair for theatrics except it is not; this is still how I feel or expect to feel when I test a fragrance or cook especially with aromatic spices. Sounds crazy but flavors and scents in food, wine, drinks, and fragrances all evoke feelings, sights, and memories to me.

Today has been a long day so I skipped barre class to get some work done, but fatigued kicked in and I simply want to get cozy. The TV is on in the background as I scroll through my phone between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because awful times call for distraction or so I like to convince myself. Slight whiff of almost charred caramelized sugar laced with a soft tinge of cardamom comfort me from the collar of my thick knitted sweater; it is the day’s end remnants of Intoxicated By Kilian. A welcomed comforting and intoxicating scent on a cold wintry day in New England.

Intoxicated By Kilian

What are some of your most memorable scent experiences?