One of my favorite and regular beauty treatment is a milk bath. Milk bath is a centuries old beauty secret. In Egypt, Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and honey for softer skin.

The lactic acid in milk help exfoliate dead skin cells, therefore helping reveal a more youthful and smooth skin. Most exfoliating products especially lotions contain lactic acids. Honey is a natural humectant which helps draw moisture to the skin. A monthly bath with these two key ingredients is a great way to care of the skin especially those who suffer from keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin. Skin cell renewal takes at least two to three weeks, so once a monthly bath once a month gives the skin enough to turn over.

I use powdered whole milk because it is rich in fat and amino acids. I always keep raw honey at home since I use it to sweeten my tea, protect against seasonal allergies, deep-conditioning my hair and mini-CEO’s and also add it to my homemade lip/body scrub and facial moisturizer.

*Don’t have a bath tub? No worries, just mix the powdered milk with some water and honey to create a paste thick enough to slather on skin and leave on for a few minutes like a mask.

You will need:
2-3 cups of powdered whole milk
2-3 cups of raw honey
Soft wash cloth (your hand works perfectly as well)

*Optional for aromatherapy: you can also add dried lavender or roses.

Run a warm bath (I prefer hot) and while the tub is filling up, add powdered milk and honey to dissolve as the water runs. Soak for a few minutes before scrubbing skin with the wash cloth. Rub the skin gently to slough off the dead skin layer as the skin will be very sensitive. If using your hands, you may see the skin layer roll off with your finger as you rub your skin. It is pretty gross yet cool (to me anyway. I’m a geek so I get excited over it like a science experiment. I mean it is technically science.) at the same time. Once finished with the bath, do rinse off thoroughly so as not to smell like spoiled milk the next day. Moisturize as you would normally and most importantly, do not forget to wear sunscreen!

This recipe can  also be used to exfoliate the face.