Farmers market are open on different days around the City of Boston. One of my favorite markets is the Dewey Square Farmers Market which is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Dewey Square by South Station.

The selection of vegetables and fruit produce is amazing! The variety of tomatoes alone are incredible from heirlooms to other types.

Kimball Farms is always my first stop. They sell the Diva Cucumbers which are small yet sweet. They are delicious alone of tossed with rice wine vinegar, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. They also sell one of my favorite greens, mizuna. It’s a bitter green in the turnip family. I serve it slightly wilted or as a fresh green salad. Actually, Kimball Farms green salad mix contains mizuna greens and edible flowers as well. Edible flowers are charming but might not appeal to some but mini-CEO loves it!

Ioka Farms in Holyoke, MA is also one of my favorite tents to visit at the market. Their lamb burgers are amazing and a hit with my daughter! The owner always tells her customers who purchase their lamb products, “Have it as rare as you dare.” They don’t only sell organic lamb and beef products, they also sell beautiful dyed wool yarns. I am not a knitter and I die a little inside each time I see the marvelous colors as I imagine beautiful knits that I wish I can make with their yarn.

Ashmont Hill and Codman Square are my other favorite Boston Farmers Markets. They are smaller but carry amazing variety of produce and baked goods.