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In late July, out of nowhere, I had this sudden onset of severely itchy skin rash on my inner shin, thighs, and elbows. I was miserable because nothing seemed to help which stressed me out and the summer heat only made it worse. At first, I thought it was an allergic reaction so I eliminated some foods temporarily to identify a possible food allergen, switched to a dye-free, hypoallergenic detergent, and milder soap (sadly ditched my favorite Dr. Bronners) and lotion – no improvement. In my desperation, researched online for relief and found recipes for oatmeal-based concoctions which only provided temporary relief. The rash on my shin got worse and turned blister-like so I rushed myself to my doctor’s office. She was on leave and instead, I was by another physician in her office. He confirmed an allergy and suggested it is perhaps an environmental one like seasonal allergy which I do suffer from that may have changed and showing up on my skin. He prescribed a steroid ointment that can only be used for two weeks. Well, I did not need two weeks because I felt relief as soon as I applied it and the first 24 hours was the longest I went itch-free. He also recommended shorter hot showers and no rubbing either as it is still considered scratching. He stressed the importance of taking my seasonal allergy medicine (Allegra) regularly. I am not a fan of taking medications so I did not always take it daily. Stress and overheating are also major contributors to skin allergies aka eczema so he suggested staying cool and using ice packs to stop itching.

My skin healed began to heal and I still continued to find the right body cleansers and moisturizers after showers. In my search, I found Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash. It contains natural omega oils and the consistency is that of an oil-based cleanser. It does not lather up but definitely cleans the skin well. Over time, no new breakouts appeared but the itching would still come on but not like before. A few weeks later at my monthly appointment with my esthetician, she recommended Cerave Moisturizing Cream as a body moisturizer and mix the cream with vitamin E oil. Still desperate to stop this problem and prevent it from returning, I heeded her advice and surprised at how quickly my skin recovered. When I returned for my appointment the next month, my esthetician, too, marveled at my skin’s improvement. A few months later at my annual physical, my primary care physician was back and we reviewed my visit without her. She started to recommend Cerave and I beat her to it and told her I have used it at my esthetician’s recommendation. Her last recommendation was to spend some time in the sun and allow my skin to get some sunlight with sunscreen, of course.

I have lesser breakouts now and able to stop it before getting worse by applying the ointment which I started to use less after my first major breakout. It is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water daily. Products I simply could not give up and overjoyed they are gentle enough to complement my new body skin care regimen are from LaBella Body Care.

Over the winter, I alternate my Eucerin oil body wash with LaBella Whipped Soap Souffle, a whipped glycerin-based cleanser with olive and almond oils that is a dream to wash with and leaves skin very well-moisturized. Also alternate the Cerave with LaBella What You Shea Body Butter, a mix of shea and soy butters with sweet almond, avocado and safflower oils. I previously reviewed other LaBella Body Care products here. If you have not checked out LaBella Body Care natural products, go now and mention I sent you!

One year later, no major breakouts at all. In July, I started training for a 5 mile race in September which involves running outdoors at a park nearby and sweating profusely and still no major breakouts. *throws confetti*

What skin issues are you or have been dealing with as an adult?


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