_13137177Winter in Boston can be extremely cold and harsh. Warm, filling concoctions of hot chocolate or chai latte are welcomed treats.

The freezing temperature call for the fashion of thick layers of chunky sweaters, and fashionable boots. For me, my winter wardrobe includes winter perfumes. As a dedicated fan of By Kilian fragrances, my daily office scent I typically wear is Liaison Dangereuses along with my staple Back to Black that goes on heavy rotation as soon as the temperature dips in the fall. Intoxicated gets some play time at least once a week. When I am feeling playful and cheeky, I wear Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian.

I am not a big fan of gourmand scents, but something about Calice Becker’s divine creations always beckons me. Admittedly, Love, Don’t Be Shy was not love at first sniff for me. In fact, it took several tries for me to understand how it develops and fully appreciate how it wears.

The scene in the movie Narnia out in the snow and the Ice Queen offered Turkish Delights to Edmund is akin to how Love, Don’t Be Shy presents itself. Sweet and inviting, you are tempted to draw closer as it continues to waft softly like a whisper. As it continues

to linger on longer, it lures you in deeper just so innocently like a gentle doe. This is playful, cheeky tease much like Rihanna, who wears this fragrance as shared by @stylishgent on Instagram.

I get a good 8-12 hours of consistent wear. One of the many things I love about the By Kilian fragrance house is the investment in longevity without compromise.  By Kilian fragrances never fall apart. Unlike some fragrances that fall apart after three to five hours and become almost undetectable.

The notes in Love Don’t Be Shy are complex in number and layers as it includes: bergamot calabria oil, Tunisian neroli oil, pink pepper berries oil, coriander seeds oil, honeysuckle, orange flower absolute, orange water absolute, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Bulgarian rose concrete, Bulgarian rose oil, iris butter absolute, reconstituted civet oil, caramelized sugar, vanilla absolute, cist labdanum absolute, white musk.

Love seems complicated; the fragrance, I mean. Honestly, it’s  a pleasurable journey much like love itself. Unfortunately for me, it required patience, a trait I tend to lack which is why it took me several tries to truly appreciate this beauty. True to powerhouse By Kilian fragrances,  which should be sprayed from 8-12 inches, Love Don’t Be Shy starts strong and opens with a grand entrance. Neroli, bergamot, coriander and pink peppercorn greet you. This is my “let the perfume bloom” part of getting ready where  I apply my fragrance before my makeup. By the time I finish applying makeup, the opening of the fragrance has made its entrance, and its presence settles in like a fitted accessory. Then, the iris, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, and honeysuckle start to bloom and present a floral harmony enveloped in vanilla, musk and sweet notes of caramelized sugar.

Love is sweet, yes just like in real life but it’s not cloying like a sugar-bombed flower reminiscent of anxious teen body spray. Well, unless you douse yourself with the fragrance which I do not advise since a little goes a long way and more importantly, very expensive.

By Kilian is an eco-luxe niche fragrance line available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

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Photography by Nordstrom, basementrejects.com and, discoveringdelicious.com