Mother’s Day this year was a mixed day of deep emotions, hard reflections and sweet moments. My daughter, who I lovingly call mini-CEO online, gave me a Mother’s Day coupon book she made at school and she also made me a lovely note with sweet words describing me. While simple, the coupon book was the perfect gift from someone as caring as her. She is very helpful and thoughtful, so the gift was the perfect fit.

I spent most of the day cooking some of her favorite foods just to spoil her a bit more than the usual. On the menu: roasted chicken, creamed spinach (yes, one of her top faves!), cornbread and cauliflower gratin. Cauliflower is one of her favorite vegetables, and I make sure to pick up the different colored varieties when in season and available at the farmers markets during the summer.

Baking is not one of my known repertoires but I recently developed an interest so yesterday I also baked a cake and tried out a ganache recipe which suggested could also be tweaked into a whipped or also a thick frosting for piping. Unfortunately, it did not work very well for me but I will tweak and test the recipe a few more times.

All in all, yesterday was a great day. I was so exhausted by days end but I felt better than I have felt over the last few weeks.