Time to break out the tank tops, sleevelss tops, shorts, skirts and knee-baring dresses because summer is here. Wait! Is your skin prepped and primed to be bare-worthy? No worries, a body scrub will get you ready in no time. Yes, a great scrub will help exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal a more youthful glow to your skin as I posted about it here.

I recently had the opportunity to review a great product called NBW Magic Marigold Body Scrub as a GlitterGlossGarbage contributor. Check it out here.

NBW Magic Marigold Body Scrub is made with certified non-GMO, organic ingredients and it is paraben, petroleum and preservative free. Attention green-conscious goddesses, this product is 100% vegan!

NBW describes their body scrubs as:

“Especially excellent for irritated and extra-dry skin. Regular use of this scrub will remove dead skin cells, moisturize your skin,and stimulate blood flow which improves the oxygen supply to your body.”


Packaging: A
The company NBW (Natural Balance Wellness) is based in Canada and sent the product not only well-packed but also provided a detailed shipping information. Shipping was was also timely within one week.

Scent: A
Magic Marigold has a refreshing orange scent (contains essence of sweet orange oil). The scent is pleasant and not over-powering. This is comparable to Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Orange Ginger Body Scrub but less oily and less scented. Also the granules in NBW Magic Marigold Body Scrub is a finer texture as it  is mixed with sugar,  sea salt and shea butter.

Application: A
Magic Marigold was easy to apply since the oil is not too heavy or as greasy as some body scrubs. My skin was well-moisturized after using the product. Since I usually opt for lighter body moisturizers in the summer, I was able to skip that process after using this scrub.

Price: B

The price of NBW Magic Marigold is high at $21.00 for 16 oz BUT that does not take away from the fact that the ingredients are organic and 100% vegan. So you definitely get what you pay for.

Overall Review: A
I like NBW Magic Marigold Body Scrub and definitely recommend it.

NBW Magic Marigold is available for purchase at the NBW website: www.NBW.ca

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