Remember that amazing bottle of wine at dinner the other night or the lovely champagne at that event but the name escaped your mind while at the wine shop? No more wondering or guessing because in this age of technology, there are wine apps! I know, I know,  more apps to download and clutter your phone BUT these are handy. In fact, it was how I was able to catalogue some of the wines I sampled at the 2015 Boston Wine Expo.

Drync (Free – Apple App Store or Google Play): Simple and easy to set up and use. Take a clear picture of the wine label and the app will find the matching wine name and vintage. You can rate the wine and write your own tasting notes you can share on FaceBook and Twitter. If you are a little shy about sharing your notes, this app allows you to write a private note for each wine in your catalogue. One of my favorite features of the Drync app is the option to add a wine to your wishlist or purchased list. More importantly, Drync includes a purchase and delivery feature!


Vivino (Free- Apple App Store  | Google Play | Windows Phone): For the social wine lovers, this app offers more sharing options that includes Instagram and Google+ in addition to FaceBook and Twitter AND you can also follow other wine enthusiasts who use the app! Additional app features include wine ranking in the region/country/globally; where it is selling nearby; winery information; winemaker notes; serving tips; and vintage comparison. There is an option to write notes or review but no additional private option. For the more serious oenphiles, Vivino also has a premium option for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually.



Are you using any wine apps? If so, which ones are you using? If not, how do you keep a catalogue of wines you sampled and like?