Legal Harborside’s Ponzi Vineyards Dinner
Tuesday, May 2, at 6:30pm
$135 per person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Legal Harborside
270 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

(photo credit – Heath Robbins)

Legal Harborside will host a four-plus-course dinner with Ponzi Vineyards and its owner-president, Maria Ponzi on May 2. Dick and Nancy Ponzi moved their young family to the Willamette Valley in the late 1960s with a spirit of adventure and a passion for making world class Pinot noir. After many research trips to Burgundy and an extensive search for the ideal location, they purchased 20 acres on a small farm just southwest of Portland, Oregon. It was a daring risk — at the time, the Pacific Northwest was not thought to be a place to grow Pinot noir, but Dick and Nancy realized the Northern Willamette Valley’s climate was ideal for cool climate varieties. Pinot noir cuttings were planted, and in 1970 Ponzi Vineyards was founded. The methods, philosophies and winemaking passion established nearly 50 years ago are still practiced today under the family’s second generation.


The menu will be presented as follows on Legal Harborside’s scenic second level overlooking the Boston Harbor:


Bone Marrow Churro

Scallop Crudo, Green Apple-Gin Granita

Carrot Custard, Tarragon

Fava Bean Hummus, Naan

Ponzi Vineyards Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley, 2015



patatas bravas, white soy, creamed honey

Ponzi Vineyards “Avellana Vineyard” Chardonnay, Willamette Valley, 2013



speck tortellini, morel mushrooms, strawberry jus

Ponzi Vineyards “Classico” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, 2014

Ponzi Vineyards “Aurora Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, 2013



espelette pepper biscuit

Ponzi Vineyards “Vigneto” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, 2013

Ponzi Vineyards “Madrona Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, 2013



Toma Della Rocca

Alp Blossom

Ponzi Vineyards “Reserve” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, 2012

 Reservation required by calling 617.530.9397 or emailing


Legal Harborside set sail in April of 2011 and serves as President & CEO Roger Berkowitz’s flagship Legal Sea Foods location. Legal Sea Foods was founded 60 years ago by George Berkowitz when he opened a small fish market in Inman Square, Cambridge.  Today, President and CEO Roger Berkowitz leads the company toward continued growth and diversification with more than 30 restaurants up and down the East Coast. Legal Harborside features a marketplace and three stories of three distinct concepts over approximately 20,000 feet. Its kitchen is helmed by Richard Vellante, while its wine program is under the direction of Sandy Block, Master of Wine. Legal Harborside is open seven days a week and is located at 270 Northern Avenue in Boston’s Liberty Wharf. For more information, please call: 617.477.2900 or visit: Follow Legal Harborside on Facebook.