Osteria Nino
(781) 272-1600
19 3rd Avenue
Burlington, MA 01821

Bar menu: Available weekdays from 4:00pm-6:00pm
Bar menu: $10 per item
: $12 each


Osteria Nino in Burlington is debuting a new bar menu as well as a refreshed list of balanced craft cocktails. The Roman kitchen’s “10 for 10” bar menu showcases ten Italian specialties that are available for $10 each weekdays in the bar and lounge area. Designed to encourage a social bar experience, these shareable dishes are created with the tried and true techniques of “cucina italiana”:

unnamed 1
Cacio e Pepe
Salumi Formagi


  • Crispy Roman Risotti Suppli with tomato and mozzarella
  • Calamari Fritti with lemon and aioli
  • Bruschetta with fig jam and fresh ricotta
  •  Salumi Formagi compilation with cured Italian meats and cheese
  •  6 Hour Meatballs made with pork, beef and tomato
  •  Cacio e Pepe, delicate Roman guitar string pasta, pecorino Romano and black pepper
  •  Cavatelli all’Amatriciana with cured pork, tomato and pecorino Romano
  •  Fettuccine Alfredo with butter and parmigiano
  •  Fettuccine al Rago with a traditional southern beef and pork ragu, tomatoes and parmigiana
  •  Margherita Pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella


Margherita Pizza


On the liquid side, the cocktails ($12) are organized in four user-friendly categories to easily navigate your palate: Italian, vodka & gin, whiskey and other:

Autumn Sweater
  • Autumn Sweater with rye, amaro and maple syrup
  • Apple Crisp with cider, maple bourbon and cinnamon
  • Fall Honey with silver tequila, spiced honey and pomegranate
  • Sicilian Sunrise with Amaro Averna and grapefruit
  • Old Paesan with rye, orange and bitters. For clear-based spirits
  • Water Lily marries gin, violet and citrus
  • Berry Gin Fizz shakes up cranberry and citrus with egg white
  • Nino Manhattan with bourbon, Antica Formula, bitters and a cherry
  • Sangria with red wine, tangerine and ginger ($45 per pitcher)
Apple Crisp
Berry Gin Fizz














Osteria Nino opened in Burlington’s lively dining scene in May of 2015. Bringing a deep understanding and respect for the longstanding culinary traditions of Italy, Osteria Nino makes the most of the exquisite local bounty by marrying it with the tried and true techniques of “cucina italiana.” With its culinary program directed by celebrated industry veteran Chris Boswell and its kitchen helmed by the Italian-trained Walace Benica, guests come to share in expertly sourced, thoughtfully prepared, authentic Italian cuisine with beauty that shines through in perfectly executed simplicity. Its daily rotating menu brings forth clean, pure and delicious creations from its entirely scratch kitchen which also carries over into Osteria Nino’s seasonally influenced craft cocktail program. Osteria Nino boasts an all-Italian wine list, curated to offer the best sips from the different regions. The warm and inviting atmosphere encompasses a bar and lounge area, a dining room complete with a culinary bar and open kitchen, a private dining room and seasonal patio with a custom-designed pizza oven bedecked in mosaic tiles. Osteria Nino is located at 19 3rd Avenue in Burlington, MA. For more information, please call (781) 272-1600 or visit www.osterianino.com. Follow Osteria Nino on Facebook at /OsteriaNinoBurlington, Instragram at @OsteriaNino and Twitter at @OsteriaNino.