Bukowski Tavern
1281 Cambridge Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Tuesday, November 8

As a closer to this train wreck of a presidential race, chef Brian Poe at Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge is back with his final edition of cooking-infused-politics on November 8 in Inman Square. On Election Night, chef Poe will resurrect the satirical specials he created during the debates that poke fun at some of the most talked about topics while the tallying and results play out on Buks’ dueling HDTVs with sound. Chef Poe also is debuting a fourth special representing a write-in vote for everyone’s favorite politico who resides in Alaska.

The Trump

The Trump doubles as “Buffalo Maple Dusted Little Fingers” – a playful nod to Trump’s ex, Marla Maples, with a side of Trump’s “little hands” – which sees mini chicken fingers in buffalo sauce with maple dust and ranch dressing. The price, according to Poe? “Five little fingers for five little dollars.” Fun fact: Marla Maples was Poe’s neighbor while growing up in Dalton, Georgia.

The Clinton

On the flipside, The Clinton gets techy with its “Email Server” special. When one sends an email from their personal phone to a special address listed on the menu that night, the security breach will grant access to ordering “Crooked [Hillary] Tree IPA Battered Onion Rings” with a private server of dipping sauces ($7.95).

Ken Bone

For those who are undecided until the very end, chef Poe will resurrect the Ken Bone, named for the confused voter from Illinois who became an internet meme sensation following the second debate. The Bukowski special will see bone marrow with chive vinaigrette and toast points ($15.95).

Rounding out this quadrant of lunacy is a new special for the presumed write-in vote of Sarah Palin because…it can’t get much worse, right? For the former VP hopeful, chef Poe will dish out the vegetarian Tofu Palin, tofu tips in a soy-sesame vinaigrette with quinoa and grilled vegetables ($12.95).



Landmark watering hole Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge’s Inman Square is Chef Brian Poe’s newest venture with the Wilcox Hospitality Group (Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake; The Tip Tap Room), alongside proprietor Suzi Samowski. After undergoing major renovations, Bukowski Tavern reopened in January of 2015 with refreshed look and menu under the direction of Chef & Owner Brian Poe. From Chef Poe’s open kitchen comes an expansive menu of beer snacks, taters and tots, salads, burgers and hotdogs. For those looking to imbibe, Bukowski Tavern has 36 draft lines as well as an additional 100 beers available by the can and bottle. The cocktail menu is rooted in the classics with innovative updates. Bukowski Tavern is located at 1281 Cambridge Street in Inman Square, Cambridge. For more information, please call 617.497.7077 or visit www.bukowskitavern.net/cambridge-2. Follow Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge on Facebook at /BukowskiCambridge and Twitter at @BuksCambridge.