Sumiao Hunan Kitchen
270 Third Street (Kendall Square)
Cambridge, MA

Located in Cambridge’s tech-driven Kendall Square neighborhood, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is the first restaurant in the Boston area to serve the widely-popular Hunan cuisine. With her newest project, Chen – an innovator in the Asian dining scene who is credited with being one of the first to bring “Asian fusion” restaurants to the region – will bring forth a smart, sophisticated and approachable social dining experience that is rooted in fresh, healthy creations that incorporate meticulous, traditional techniques with modern twists. Breaking preconceived notions that Chinese dining is a low-cost and low-quality experience, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen uses its teams’ years of experience to bring authentic contemporary Asian cuisine to a myriad of palates, bringing out the natural flavor of each ingredient and combining them to create memorable experiences.  To this end, Sumiao’s master chefs have spent over 15 years perfecting this craft.


Grandma’s Pork with pork belly, green cayenne pepper and garlic leaves ($13)

Gai Fan, the widely popular lunch fare that marries proteins and vegetables over a bed of rice ($15)

Silver Fish served crispy with green and red chili ($13).

For the biggest and most adventurous appetites, there is a customizable five-course prix fixe menu served at dinner ($60).

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen also will be home to one of the most unique beverage programs in the area, as designed by nationally acclaimed beverage consultant Richard Echeverria. Playing off classic Hunan drinks, Sumiao Hunan Kitchen will blend classic spirits and innovation with playful nods to the celebrated culture. Many of the cocktails, some of which are inventively named after Sumiao Chen’s time as a scientist, will use a rice wine native to the Hunan province as well as the popular East Asian spirit baijiu, which both pair harmoniously with its cuisine. Sips include

Pyroclastic Punch, a combination of baijiu, Fruitlab hibiscus liquor, passionfruit cordial and fresh citrus ($14)

Hunan-style Mai Tai which pays homage to Trader Vic’s original recipe with a special Sumiao twist ($12)

Tiki for Two concoction mixing scotch, gin, baijiu and tropical juices ($30).

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen will be open for lunch, dinner and cocktails Sunday through Wednesday from 11:00am to 11:00pm, and Thursday through Saturday from 11:00am to 12:00am. Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is located at 270 Third Street in Cambridge’s Kendall Square neighborhood. For more information, please call (617) 945-0907 or visit Follow Sumiao Hunan Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @SumiaoHunan.